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A scenester is someone who follows the local scene. i.e. scene kid ... who is very trendy
So what is wrong with being trendy? Why do so many of you have such a bad oppinion about scenesters? haterzz...
So what if robots and diamonds and Hello Kitty are trendy? Why does that bother you? Why can't people with a passion for trends follow them? That doesn't make them posers you fuktards... technically YOU are following a trend of hating trendy people. OHEMGEE GUYS, what losers you bunch are! Following a trend? pffft.
Also, the trend is not "emo" so get it straight. There is no such thing as dressing "emo". As emo is a genre of music. (p.s. if you cut yourself that does not make you emo, you probably don't even know what emo is. you think you do because you watch Much Music... besides, a lot of preppies cut themselves.) Don't try to understand what a scenester is by looking it up on the internet, get up, and go out there. Get out there and be there, before you judge and label people.
#1: why do so many people have a bad oppinion about scene kids/scenesters

#2: they don't...

#1: yeah, they're always like "they are POSERS, they are FAKES, they are SHEEP"

#2: well those people don't know what they're talking about

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