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Lebs consider themselves elite, can't spell for one, and think that carrying a gun is a skill*flash back* lebs vs azn in liverpool, fifteen lebs come with baseball bats, chains and turbo charged shit box 2000, 5 minutes later two azns arrive with a hand gun...and of course being pussy whipped they run home to have another family reunion so they can make out with their cousins, sisters, mums, and do all other bisexual activities with their relatives, the only "underworld" about lebs is that they can even get up and put on their pants every morning, true popular leb figures are....(there are none), or maybe that guy posing as that gay teletubbie, and that lebo wiggle. Money can't be illegal, its called counterfeit dumbshit, and the only reason lebs are in gangs is because they are the lowest pathetic creatures, and can't get a job and their income comes from selling "sim cards" aka to lebs as "illegal drugs"

policeman-"hey look! theres a car full of lebs, lets pull them over"
.......... that's leb-tastic!
by i am gay lebo January 13, 2005
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