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A term for an amazing, perfect girl who has an amazing hine quarters that you just cant keeep your hands off of. She has an adorable dimple on the right side of her face and has the best personality in the world. She has beautiful long blonde- hair, beautiful greeenish eyes, and cat like feet. She is a perfect girl and makes you want to be a bettter person. She is the perfect combination of sexy, cute, beautiful, hot, amazing, extremely helpful and adorable. She isnt afraid of anything and makes everything fun even if your just sitting in her house. She makes you relive dreams and make them even better. She keeeps you fed and makes sure nothings wrong. And if there is something wrong she willll try and make it better. She has amazing white teeth and even thoug she could never love you as much as you love her its still worth it to have her in your life and make it last your entire life if possible. In a brief summary its the most unique, perfect girl on the planet.
Whoa Mike, that is an amazing ashley you have there.
by hunter2323 January 01, 2012
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