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A place where a group of about 400 horny boys get together and pleasure each other in the woods of orange Virginia. They are isolated from both civilization and the female gender for that matter. They would like to think that they are pretty sweet at sports but EHS has kicked their ass in soccer for the past 3 to 4 years. Although they have beaten EHS in football lately we must not forget that Woodberry has twice the boys. (EHS has twice the men). They were recently tooled at the football game when the EHS student section sat down all of their boys and proudly displayed the wide selection of females. The forest faggots proceeded to go back to their single sex school and masturbate. They do have one activity at their school that they use to pass the the time: Soggy Biscuit. They also have a nasty little habit of defiling the livestock that inhabits their peaceful campus and its said that on certain mornings the cries from the sheep can be heard.
Woodberry Guy: Hey we fucked up EHS again in football.

EHS Guy: True. But then we fucked our girls that night. soo..... whats your point?

Woodberry Freshman: Hey guys lets go fuck some animals tonight after our erotic bonfire!
Wooberry Senior: alright but you boys remember that the sheep are for the seniors!!!!!
by hungryfortigermeat November 28, 2009
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