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the best place in the world. we might have more advantages than some ppl, but that doesn't mean we all are rich and snobby. i love highland park, tx. whenever i used to lose teeth, i would get one dollar. so would all my frnds. a lot of people here's parents are doctors and lawyers and such, but they worked dang hard for that. they wanted to give us a good life. they wanted me to feel like i was safe. and they wanted me to be happy. and they succeeded. and yall keep saying stuff about that we dont get reality. shut up. we just have nice people, nice schools, and SOME nice things.
everyday girl from hp- i love highland park cuz its the best place eva! i just got an a+ in every subject on my report card! and i just finished all my chores! my mom gave me $20 today and i bought 2 shirts at forever 21 for $9.50 each with tax! when i turn 16, i get to buy a car with the money i've been saving up since 1st grade! i think i'll buy a toyota! peace out!

discriminatory girl from other town- you guys are snobby! we just hate you because your parents wanted to give you a great life! your such brats!

unappreciative girl from hp- hp sucks. the ppl here suck. my parents suck. i hate them because they put me in this place. i just am so ungrateful that they spent over 8 years in college. all the ppl here are stupid. they get $1000 if they get all F's. they only shop at juicy couture and neimans and starbucks. i cant wait to leave.

everyday girl from hp- well, think wat u want to think, but we're nice! we love you anyway!

by hp_lover February 15, 2008

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