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Friendlies are those person(s) showing kindness to someone, as a friend would behave, in their presence, although s/he is unfriendly or even hostile in his true nature, when out of the targets sight. In the broadest sense, a fraud. S/he is intentional deceptive. Made for personal gain or to damage another individual; the related adjective is a phony.
Brown Nose, Gossips, Groupies, Hangers on to A-List Celebrities and such.

It's 9AM. You clock in, and see Joe (one of your Friendlies) chewing the fat with that joker John. Wow! You think to yourself, Old Joe is sure is acting all buddy-buddy with Ron. I thought he hated Ron. You decide to sneak up and listen in on them, and there they are; making fun of you the same way Joe makes fun of John!
by howtoshedfat June 15, 2010
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