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Scarlet is a beautiful girl who gets what she wants. She has many friends but only 2-3 besties. She tries to be nice to everyone she meets but it gets hard to do that sometimes.

She looks at herself as imperfect but in reality she is super pretty and hot. She is usually super skinny and has super pretty straight hair. She goes after the boys but isn’t a slut. When a boy likes her it isn’t a short term thing. They usually stick around for a while.

Scarlet is loving and caring when it comes to people like her who are in the “popular outcast” group. She doesn’t jump to conclusions on people’s lives which is an awesome trait. When a boy has scarlet they should go out of their way to make sure they never hurt her
Scarlet is a hottie!
Damn! She is skinny
How can someone be that nice
I love scarlet
She is so smart
She is so nice

She is literally the funniest
by hottierose123 May 25, 2019
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