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verb: To start shitting in a public restroom after someone who is already in there shitting, and to finish and leave before they are even out of the stall.
Person 1: I was in the john taking care of business, when somebody busted into the stall next to me, dropped trow, and started makin' ass trumpets like you never heard before. Craziest part about it, he was done, cleaned up, and outta there before I was even ready for paper.

Person 2: You got shit lapped, bro.
by honkus mcduck December 19, 2008

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A list of significant or notable boobs with the time and place of their appearance.

Contrary to some opinions, boobliography is not the study of boobs. That would be the important science of boobology.
Person 1: According to this boobliography, Salma Hayek has a full-frontal at the 33-minute mark in "Ask the Dust."

Person 2: Giggity!
by honkus mcduck May 03, 2011

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noun: a bowel movement occurring during the second half of the day.
Queen of England: Sir, do you take thy daily deuce in the morning, as I do?

Factory Stiff: No, your Highness. Ever since I got on third shift I've been rocking a PMBM.
by honkus mcduck May 14, 2009

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