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A decent sized upper class suburban town full of air heads with spray tans. The kids have way to much of their parents money and so do the parents. Everyone is expected to have the latest crap and all desgner clothes, and the parents are stupid enough or away on their constant vacations, to even notice what theyre kids are doing. A crew of kids tend to go awy to prep schools where they waste more of their parents money not learning education learning how to smoke joints. But if you go to the high school you can get the same knowledge from the "emos" (who need to shower) if you don't know how to get wasted spend one night here and you'll learn and probably end up hooking up with one of the sleezy easy cheerleaders. If your gay theres the preppy boys who attempt to act chill but allthey want is a big penis up their shitter. No matter where you live if you wanna go to a good party come to NA.
guy 1: dude i wanna like go to a party
guy 2: let's go to north andover i hear carly's parents are away

3 days later

guy 1: that was sickk
guy 2: i know i got so wasted and had hot sex with the quarterback
guy 1: thats gross i did it with one of the easy cheerleaders

by hoe facee biznatchess July 10, 2008
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