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The greatest thing since sliced bread. To express extreme interest or satisfaction. Often used by negroes to express joy or happiness.
"Damn Bitch, you Stupid Fly! Why for you don't be cruisin' wit me? Shit dawg! You's da shizzle BAM bizzle!
by HiGHMeH February 04, 2004

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A fantastically tall DANISH IRISH high-jumper from "Da Mesa" in Santa Barbara, California. While many believe she's a barely-legal dead-sexy blonde, the fact of the matter is she's not legal at all! Note that this does not stop the amazingly high Crunkage rates, including (but not limited to):

1. Vanilla Rum in Las Vegas, NV
2. Multiple Screwdrivers in Las Vegas, NV
3. "Kelli's Jungle Punch" in Ventura, CA
4. Braaaaaandizzle's "What the fuck happened last night" drink and smokefest in Oak View, California

Few can control her, with the exception of Negro Police on bicycles and Nutella Salesmen (Not to mention her old-bald-guy fetish king, The Bruce.)

Has been known (at times) to have construction workers incarcerated at her leisure.

Often found near the "Straight Neeg" Nathalie (Follow the scent of Marijuana)

You'd hit it. Oh yes, You'd Hit It.
Hey, did you hear about The Sexiest Devotchka's lame friend who drank 1/10th of Vodka? Haha what a pussy!
by highmeh March 28, 2005

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Derivitive of "Chow," or to eat. Also see "Get my drink on and my snack on"
"Im about to get muh Drink and muh Chizzow on, son"
by HiGHMeH June 17, 2003

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