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A girl who has been "RAN" thrĂș(had sex with an unreasonable amount of men). As a beenhad has more and more sex the more easier it gets to sleep with these girls. These girls usually have sex amongst all her close guy friends. Beenhads can also be associated with SLOOTERS. Beenhads usually hang out with other beenhads so be aware of beenhads begging for sex.....because u will fall for it and you will die
Friend:Daaamn who's that girl over there
Friend2:Bro that's a damn beenhad
Friend:Ah for real
Friend2:For real
Friend:Damn that sucks
Friend:what's her name
Friend2:Danica Serrano,Ceira,Big Bird,Allison Cadrette,Courtney Coles
by heythatonefool February 08, 2011

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