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A beautiful island country just off the coast of Florida. Formerly led by President Fidel Castro who has since retired and passed the torch to his brother Raul. One of the few Communist countries left that still thrives. An embargo against Cuba has existed for over 30 years. Many people like to believe that the embargo exists because Cuba aligned themselves with the Soviet Union. However the embargo exists because Castro nationalized all business in Cuba and this kicked out American businesses such as Casinos, most of which were run by Organized Crime Syndicates. This pissed off the wrong people and went all the way up the ladder. So thank the government that you can't travel to and enjoy this beautiful and diverse country.
Guy #1: Cuba is an evil communist country that wants to destroy America.

Guy #2: No, Cuba is a diverse communist country that has been oppressed by America.
by hey buddy jay June 11, 2008

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The smallest of all penises. They rang from: ding ding, ding, ding dong, dong, and dong dong. The ding ding, is usually only between .01"-3.0" and can be either very girthy, or very slender. The ding ding although not pleasurable is sometimes encountered in intercourse.
"Dude, I just saw your ding ding."

"Ted's only got a ding ding, compared to Jack."
by Hey Buddy Jay October 16, 2006

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A word to descibe very cold weather conditions that adversely affect human males. It refers to when the male genitalia is drawn up due to it's response to cold conditions.
Man it is ball ass cold out today.

I can't find my sack, I'm suffering from ball ass.
by Hey Buddy Jay December 11, 2006

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