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An underground musician and singer known for short song snippets posted on social media platform Vine. The unknown artist became an overnight sensation when XXX Tentacion sampled their vocals on three of his tracks in the album 17. Shiloh Dynasty started to share music on Vine at the end of 2014. Over the next couple of years, Shiloh's account became a beloved presence that would go on to accumulate tens of millions of loops. It also became a go-to source for samples, particularly among producers popular on Sound-Cloud. Dozens of songs featuring samples from Shiloh's Vines gained traction on Sound-Cloud, and several now have millions of plays, including Swell's "I'm Sorry," which has over 30 million across platforms. Shiloh's last Vine was posted on April of 2015, and after that, there was some activity on Twitter and Instagram but by September of 2016 everything went silent. Not much is known about Shiloh Dynasty other than what is posted on their social media; which is usually only their raw music. Shiloh has been silent on their social media since September 2016.
person 1: ay man ya ever heard of Shiloh Dynasty
person 2: who Tf is that
person 1: One of the best and most underrated music artist ever
by hero734 December 07, 2020
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