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A former member of boyband "One Direction" and celebrity who any average person would not have a single thought or care of unless you are a fan of him, know someone who is a fan of him or you were looking at definitions on Urban Dictionary, specifically two definitions from the Trending section.
There are multiple types of users on Urban Dictionary who provide the site with different words and definitions, one of them being fangirls of anything and everything, which results in really strange or nonsensical repetitive definitions relating to Harry Styles.

Where normal English words are derived from old languages like Latin, these words originate from generic pop music, a good example of "generic pop music" like this being Bo Burham's song titled "Repeat Stuff."
Bob: *browses Urban Dictionary *
"What's 'Watermelon Sugar? I never heard of this before."
* reads top definition *
"Oh, well I guess it means many things."

Bob, again: * browsing Urban Dictionary a second time *
"'Georgia Rose'? What are these weird phrases?"
* checks the top definition for 'Georgia rose' *
"What do these words even mean?? I'm not getting any answers."

Alice: "Oh, those aren't real words. They're lyrics from songs by Harry Styles. He's my favorite music artist."

Bob: "...who? Surely there's a coherent definition on him."
* proceeds to look up 'Harry Styles' on Urban Dictionary *
"Oh my gosh...there's so many definitions on this guy. And they're all the same thing over and over again?!"
* Bob's soul proceeds to leave his body and ascends to the next plane of existence out of pure confusion *
by herb_dick March 03, 2021
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