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They were shit. Now they're the best cars available these days. Can make more power with less fuel and cost than their Asian and European counterparts, and also reliable. Contrary to beliefs, they can actually turn, in fact they're one of the best handling cars ever. Corvette ZR1 and Dodge Viper ACR are slower than Nissan GTR, but they managed to smoke it on Nurburgring track by 20 buses length.
Ford Fusion > Camry
Chevy Volt > prius
Ford Focus > VW Golf

American cars are bigger, faster, more powerful, cooler, cheaper, less fuel drinker, and less rice than euro and azn cars.

Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta are one of the best selling cars in Europe.

Did you know that the newest Mustang Shelby GT500 makes 662 hp while still getting 24 mpg? Grab this car for less than 60 thousand bucks.
by henrystraight September 12, 2012
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