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lgbti is a northern irish lgbt tiktoker.they’re always fighting someone online using the funniest videos in the background. but they’re queen so stan them.they’re mostly a bts stan from my knowledge.
random:have you seen lgbti’s new video?!
me:who are they fighting now!?
by heejin.png December 26, 2020
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shotasoul is a tiktok k-pop fan page who has went viral for roaches. roaches in their house. but i knew them before that ofc. they currently have 8000+ followers.
Friend:Yo, did you see that girl with roaches in her house!? Her user is shotasoul on tiktok!
Me: Yeah, that’s my moot also follow me, my user is loonaseden
by heejin.png July 28, 2021
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