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An all-girls school with the coolest, funnest, HOTTEST girls u'll ever dream to meet. We are fucking hotter than Visi, SR, Holy Cross, Holton and any other school you can think of. HC girls chill with all the hot guys from Gonzaga and Prep. And to you whiny little pooheads...don't hate on us just because you wanna be us! REPRESENT
Gonzaga guy #1: (jumps up from his seat) Damn! Look at those hot girls over there.
Gonzaga guy #2: yeah man, they're the hottest girls i've ever seen...they MUST go to Holy Child!
Gonzaga guy #1: Of course. Only Holy Child has hot chics, the girls from other schools like SR and Visi don't even compare to Holy Child girls
Gonzaga guy #2: word.
by hcgallie November 07, 2004

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