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dick lickin , cock suckin , fuckin faggot who everybody fuckin loves for some reason . he's cute as shit , has an average size dick and most frankies make dope ass music or are gifted in some musical way .
- u hear frankies song ?

-- no but i sucked his dick ?

- nice . was his pube hair combed to the side like it is on his head ?

-- fuck yeaah it was ! it was sexy as shtt

- gosh thats awesome . frankie reyes beats make me cum
by hawk_killer January 07, 2014
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nigger lover . loves huge black cock ! usually has curly hair but sometimes straight . a cessalie loves to party and get crazy . cessalie loves anal and just cant get enough of it . beautiful water describes her perfectly .
- did u see that new girl ?

-- yeah i think she's a snicker licker

- probably a cessalie .

-- yeppppp .
by hawk_killer January 07, 2014
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