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a scenemo can have traits from both.
i for instant have the scene traits:
the hair
the personality *not the ego
partly the music
partly the fashion

i have the emo traits:
partly the music
ego part. (:
erm, im not HUGELY popular but lets say i am saving up for 10 weeks to buy xmas presents.
also, i noee that i am. but don't label people by seeing someone on the streets goin "oh thats a scene kid/ emo. etc"
you need to noee them before you label them
a few extra things.

scenemo's often listen to indie and rock.
they are one of the nicest people/ stereotypes.
you don't find many around but... the ones you do are nice to talk to.
hannah horror: sup SEXYY ;) ?
Emily emo: not much, just listenin to funeral for a friend.

by hannah horror October 22, 2008
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