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Any high school aged kid who is involved with drama and or theatre at their high school. A true theatre kid will fit any of the following criteria:
- Hangs out around the auditorium/chorus/band/drama room in school
- Wears a shirt advertising their next production
- Has an abnormal amount of inside jokes with other theatre kids
- spells theater, theatre
- Drinks some form of caffeine compulsively
- Obsessed with with any of the following musicals; Spring Awakening, RENT, Title of Show or anything else that no one in the main stream would know of.
- At school at odd times AKA late after school, weekends, early mornings
- Has no sense of awkwards boundaries around fellow theatre kids
- makes lots of sexual jokes towards other theatre kids
- Too close to their theatre advisor
- in choir or band
- LOVES to perform to a fault
Hey are you a theatre kid?

Naw, I don't like musicals or sexual advances from strangers back stage in the dark!

Oh, okay!
by h8freewench April 12, 2009
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