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A short, retarded, shriveled nut sack. Commonly associated with chodes
Dude you gota pud.
by guy wearing black January 08, 2004

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1. An extremely over inflated Japanese cartoon hailed by geeks, nerds, and Wapanese as one of the best shows of all time. Yet in reality it is shit.

2. A poor excuse for a cartoon. See shit

3. A cartoon where nerds claim that it is better in “Japanese version” but in reality it is still shit only spoken in a different language

4. A cartoon where overly exaggerated, sweaty, buff men, with inferiority complexes "fight" each other to prove they are not gay.

5. A cartoon with no plot, repeating scenarios, and thirty minutes of absolutely no sense.

6. The degrading era of today’s modern pop culture.
Dragon Ball Z is the gayest thing to ever hit the face of this earth. It makes gay porn interesting.
by guy wearing black December 30, 2003

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1. See gay
2. An ex gay porn star.
3. Gay
4. Someone that did gay porn
Rob Lowe is GAY!
by guy wearing black January 08, 2004

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