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Defines the action of sending internet shit to your friends on a daily basis, including stupid images, boring videos and useless articles.
- Oh man, this guy keeps manoxing on my Whatsapp conversations...
- Careful dude, he might also manox your Facebook wall !
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by grippeman March 28, 2016

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The act of bringing outstandingly bad luck to oneself and other, against all odds, and creating significant damage as a result. Can be described as « Masterclass Eddy » if it generates three or more unlucky events simultaneously.
- Man, can’t believe it, a pidgeon just dropped a shit on my head!
- Dude, classic Eddy...
- My new suit got trashed, I had to go back home and the elevator crashed. I was stuck for 3 hours !
- Wooow bro that’s a masterclass Eddy !!!
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by grippeman March 13, 2019

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