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if you know a sophie consider yourself lucky because they are sweet, kind- LMFAO IM KIDDING but seriously if you know a sophie and you don’t like them, you’re just jealous of how funny we are. BONUS POINTS IF THE’RE A SAGITTARIUS
“ugh i hate sophie

“literally stfu emily you’re just jealous cause sophie’s hot and you’re not”
by greenfairy May 30, 2021
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This is a person, usually a guy, that is bad mannered or dirty looking. Someone that is found at the bottom of the social hierarchy. Usuaslly also known as "rubbish". A person that has no social standards or ones that are very low. Swears a lot and makes vulgar remarks at inappropriate times.
oh my gosh look at that guy he is such a scabutt. That town is full of scabutts. You should watch out for him, he is such a scabutt.
by greenfairy May 19, 2009
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