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One of the many Six Flags theme parks. Located in Jackson, New Jersey. The park features 13 roller coasters, the 2nd most for a Six Flags park (see Six Flags Magic Mountain), and the 5th most for any theme park in the world.

Some of the coasters at Great Adventure incluse Kingda Ka: the tallest (456 ft.) and fastest (128 mph) coaster in the world (as of June 2009); El Toro: a wooden roller coaster that is 181 ft. tall, 70 mph, and is the steepest wooden coaster in the world; Nitro, a steel roller coaster 230 ft. tall, 80mph, and about 3 minutes long! And most recently: Bizarro (formerly known as Medusa), a floorless coaster with many inversions (i.e. loops, zero-g rolls, etc.) that has recently been upgraded with new paint, a new name & backstory, trains with audio features, and elements during the ride such as flamethrowers, mist sprayers, etc.
"Wow, Great Adventure is the greatest place in the world!!"

"Hey, do you guys want to go to Great Adventure this Saturday? I have tickets."
by greatadventurelover July 03, 2009

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