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Commander Pinktaurious is the highest authority of the Nebulan Dominium. He is also known as "gorncommander" He has a popular channel on Youtube.

Pinktaurious is the interstellar Fleet Commander and Supreme Overlord from the Nebulan System speaks to the inferior people of the planet Earth and warns them of their imminent doom!

There is only one Commander Pinktaurious, although there are others to replace it should the leader succumb to destruction. Typically, their potential replacements are called NL-5-series Nebulans, and are typically the politicians or viceroys of the Nebulan Dominium.

• Commander Pinktaurious has three brains, all capable of independent or collective, unified thought. In addition, the sitting Commander Pinktaurious can seek telepathic advice from the preserved brains of its predecessors, maintained in the "thought archives." All previous, Leaders who were killed in action and whose bodies could not be recovered were not represented in these archives.

• Commander Pinktaurious is also programmed, each one an improvement on the previous generation.

The Nebulans believe that Pinktaurious fashioned all mankind and humanity,

To reiterate: Commander Pinktaurious is the ruler of the Nebulans . Commander Pinktaurious’s body is built to resemble the alien race that was originally the Nebulan, but is not organic in any way. Commander Pinktaurious is stated to have three brains, each one capable of individual or unified thought, making him an incredibly adept strategists and leader.
If Commander Pinktaurious dies, a new one is chosen from suitable NL-5-Series Nebulan.
by gorncommander May 21, 2009

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