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A Greaser "wanna be". The closest thing to a gang in East Brunswick NJ in 1970's. Ginkers travel in groups and socialize only among themselves, except to to sell drugs. There only predators Police and Jocks. The term gained strength from 1978, during a period of Freak, Jock supremacy. You will spot the Ginker by his Jean Jacket with the sleeves cut off, not to be confused with the freak with the Jean Jacket combined with Hooded Sweat Shirt. This term grew out of the Bicentennial Park area of East Brunswick NJ and may have roots in the Churchill, Hammarskjold Junior High School students blending into EBHS .
The road to Ginkerdom leads to Law Enforcement.
Ginkers: Fonzy wanna be. "John Milner" in "American Graffiti"
by goodgold November 12, 2008
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