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A small dog that resembles a toupee with legs. Its fur looks like something you would pull out a clogged drain in a bathtub. Often owned by overweight single women due to the fact that it doesn't need as much exercise as most other dogs.

Yorkshire Terriers are dumb, difficult to house break, and tend to be territorial despite the limitations of their size. They often attack strangers and larger animals, disregarding their own size disadvantage. These behaviors are, however, encouraged by their owners because they see it as being "cute".

These dogs are probably the best example of artificial selection. They have weak bone structure which causes them to be unable to survive short falls. They also are known to suffer from things like seizure, liver shunt, and collapsed trachea.
Normal Dog Owner: What the hell is that mop trying to do to my dog?
Yorkshire Terrier Owner: It's dominating. Isn't it cute?
Normal Dog Owner: Well it's going to dominate its way into my dog's stomach if it isn't careful.

Yorkshire Terrier Owner: Help, my dog broke every bone in its body!
Vet: What the hell happened?
Yorkshire Terrier Owner: It jumped off my foot stool!
by goatinheaven May 16, 2006
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