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The Best Song (in my book) by the greatest rapper ever (in my book)! It is a Song by rapper EMINEM, of of his album "The Eminem Show" That was released in 2002. The song is about alot of things! He talks about most of his struggles in his Rap Career and his Personal life! One example of what he talks about is that Eminem caught his wife (ex-wife as of now) Kim Scott kissing another man! He pulled a gun on the guy and hit him with the gun(as they thought but he really just socked him in his right jaw LAWL) and says in the song "YOUR FULLA SHIT TOO GUERRERA THAT WAS A FIST THAT HIT YOU"! The Song's Chorus is from a famous Aerosmith Song called "Dream On"!
Guy 1 - Dude did you hear that new Eminem Song?

Guy 2 - Which one?

Guy 1 - "Sing For The Moment" IT IS THAA SHIIIIIIIIIIT

Guy 2 - O FUCK YEA YO!
by go to youtube.com/D0CCT0RJ0HN September 19, 2009
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