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Gnar·wall also gnar·whal (närwl) n.

An Arctic whale (gnarsus monohornyus) that has a spotted pelt and is characterized in the male by a long spirally twisted ivory tusk projecting from the left side of its head. It has evolved to live amongst the balls deep snow and huckable rocks in high alpine environments of North America and Greenland. Gnarwall sightings are infrequent and usually limited to cases where the tusks have been used to chase skiers off cliffs and chutes. Gnarwalls have been implicated in bizarre skier accidents, in which they have used their tusks to emit a powerful pheromones causing otherwise skilled skiers and snowboarders to fall in unfortunate places. Repeated exposure to the pheromones can lead to addiction. Gnarwall addicts are prone to saying phrases such as "That was the sickest line ever", "Dude, I totally landed in your bombhole", "Man, you stomped the shit out of that". Chronic gnarwall pheromone addicts are often depressed in perfectly sunny summer weather. Overhunting of the gnarwall in the Tahoe and Mammoth lakes areas in california have driven the population into remote back country areas. This has left true gnarwall enthusiasts to explore the more remote peaks of the area and on occasion to move north to British Columbia.
Revelstoke is crawling with gnarwalls, I once saw a gnarwall cause a man to tomahawk off the sub peak.

Man, that aussie ski bum does nothing but chase gnarwalls and drink Old Milwaukee, what a dirtbag!

I just saw that tiny little chick SLAY that north aspect gnarwal, sick!
by gnarwall hunter March 31, 2010
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