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Goth style without content. a new trend that muggles (non-magical, common folk) may confuse with goths. They dress in black, wear hipster hats, circular sun glasses, crosses, inverted crosses that they claim to be satanic crosses, however these "satanic crosses" are actually St Peters cross and are really still christian, triangles, band tops that they probably don't actually listen to and most of the time aren't even goth.

The black clothing is about as goth as it gets really. they aren't really interested in anything really dark nor do they actually listen to any goth music!! not even industrial. Music doesn't seem to be a major factor amongst tumblr goths and they seem to be more concerned with who re-blogs their OOTD. it seems everything they know comes from tumbr and topshop and since tumbr isn't a great site for information, we now have a gothesque subculture that has spread with out any content.

nor does there seem to be any desire to become educated in goth culture or any other subculture that inspired their style
Andrew: Jesus Christ check out those tumblr goths.

Alexia: Go and ask them if they know who Peter Murphy or Robert Smith is?

Andrew: thats question is far to higher grade for a regular tumblr goth, i bet they don't even know who Trent Reznor is.

Alexia: i do like her skirt though.

Andrew: me too.
by globot March 27, 2014
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