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The aftermath of humor.
Sometimes " laff-termath** ".. but only when you're being a sarcastic dick to your friends and ignoring their wit and effort.

**see: laff
person 1: why is josh all red?
person 2: well, bill made a funny, and josh over there.. well, josh is feelin' the laughtermath.
by glib June 29, 2005

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A taunting verbal display of oxen-like strength - as made popular by Brian Griffin.

"Have you been working out?"
"Yeah.. well.. I've been hitting the gym; do you want to fee.. GUHJUH!!1!"

"Bitch best not be talking shit about my muntar or else 'll break yo' shit off"
"Y'ain't got no shit, yo"

I totally GUHJUHd that bitch. She flew right through a house-boat and broke fifteen bones.
You need to conserve your oxen-like strength, you know how taunting it is verbally.
by glib March 31, 2007

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