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People who liked school so much that they couldn't stand to leave.They 'have a passion for kids' and could never regret following the career path they chose.

They think that everyone likes them no matter what. Truthfully, nobody likes them at all.

Teachers are fun to annoy.
*Ways To Annoy Your Teachers:
1. Don't write your name on your papers.
2. Ask a lot of pointless questions that have nothing to
do with what you are learning. (ex: Why do you write
with a blue pen instead of a black one?)
3. Mumble LOUDLY to yourself while you are taking a test.
4. Role your pencil on your desk.
5. Refuse to answer questions out loud (on accout that it
conflicts with your religious beliefs).
6. Refer to your teacher as Sir or Mam. End every sentence
with Sir or Mam. (ex: The answer to number 13 is 9, Sir)
7. Don't pay attention. Say 'what?' everytime they call on

by glasshalfempty October 10, 2005
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