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An outrageous plan that, thankfully, will never be put in to action. If such plan is accomplished (very unlikely) disaster ensues.
Person 1: Did you hear what we're planning on doing for the Redbull Flugtag?
Person 2: Yeah... something about a refridgerator?
Person 1: Sounds sweet doesn't it!?! We're totally going to win.
Person 2: (sarcastically) yeah... sweet... greatest Bielke plan ever... call me when you actually get the refridgerator and I'll help.
(6 months later the day before the competition)
Person 1: WTF!?!?! Shizzle still hasn't gotten the fridge
Person 2: Thank goodness because someone was going to die.

I was playing broomball at Zmans, but thanks to the Bielke plan there was one slick spot on the ice right in front of the goal and I slipped and ruptured my other achilles.
by gladsmile February 25, 2010
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