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Brujeria is a Death Metal/Grindcore band formed in Tijuana Mexico during the year 1989. The band portrays Satanic Mexican Drug Lords who use Brujeria as a way to communicate their stories of Drug smuggling, Satanism, Drug Use, Sex and Rape. Their songs empower oppressed Mexicans due to the fact that some of their songs encourage Mexicans to hop the border and kill American whites. Brujeria is also known for having the band members use bandanas to cover their lower part of their face and use stage names to keep their identity a secret.

After years of people really thinking Brujeria was really a band made up of Satanic Mexican Drug Lords, it came into the light that the members of the band are neither Satanic nor Drug Lords and that the stories and lyrics are really just a form of shock value.

Brujeria takes pride in Mexico and the Mexican culture. However, the band has consisted and continues to consist of not only European white musicians, but also of American musicians.

Some notable musicians who play in Brujeria are:

Juan Brujo (Mexican American) - vocals (1989-Present)

Jeff Walker of Carcass A.K.A. "El Cynico" (British) - bass (2006-Present)

Shane Embury of Napalm Death A.K.A. "Hongo" (British) - guitar (formerly bass) (1989-Present)

Adrian Erlandsson of At The Gates A.K.A. "Podrido" (Swedish) - drums (2006-Present)

Other notable past members of Brujeria include Dino Cazares, Nicholas Barker and Patrik Jensen.
Brujeria white member screaming into the mic: "Viva Mexico Cabrones! Matando Gueros!!!"

What an irony, but BRUJERIA KICKS ASS!!!!
by giothewolf July 28, 2010
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