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following the tragic events that happened that one evening of march the 3rd 2007, a young goldfish,was taken under attack in a home invasion. the attacker known only to authorities as 'jimdoug', allegedly had his partner in crime 'kale' grab baby spice with his forearm placed directly into the goldfish's home and cornered it. jimdoug then under substansial peer pressure began to swallow baby spice whole while onlookers stood by and did nothing. a memorial service was held in honour of baby spice the following day with many of baby spices friends in attendance.

Although her life was ended tragically only three days into the young fishes life, she will be missed and her memory will forever live on in the stomach of the one 'jimdoug'.

im lieu of flowers, donations can be made in the form of beer to Team LP'd.

R.I.P baby spice March 1st,2007- March 3rd,2007
"i can feel it swimming!"

"remember when jd ate that goldfish? that was awesome!"

"baby spice was the created a legendary weekend"
by geoff06 March 04, 2007

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