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Yasmine is outgoing, courageous, hilarious and random. She has a heart made of gold and beautiful eyes that draw everyone in, but doesn't show her sweet side to everyone. Her body is amazing and always dresses like she's on a runway. She is flirtatious and very seductive. Several men fall for her, but she doesn't care for them. She only has eyes for her man and is faithful when she is settled down. Her passion for her man makes her great in bed.

She can be sassy and bossy, but makes every situation entertaining and fun. Yasmine values family and education, and will be very successful in life! Yasmine is beautiful but doesn't see it in herself. She is humble, BOLD and one of a kind. lots of people talk about her not because of her wrong doings its because of their jealousy and not knowing her. girls get jealous of her easily and don't know how to show it so they talk bad about her. She acts tough on the outside but is actually a super big softie. Would do anything for the people she truly loves!
OMG is that yasmine
by garawy77 February 26, 2019

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