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an emo is a worthless piece of shit

that needs to die
their daily life consists of stressing over what way their fringes look like and worrying about their weight
they are vain fucks

they look like shit anyway
in a typical emo cahtroom

< 3darkvampire: omg my bangs look awful today omg look at this pic i just uploaded

xmisery_demise_guyx : that pic is the sex! <3333333 u look great you could use more hairspray though

<3darkvampire: omg omg im going to cut myself its awful isnt it my fringe is way too short :'( this life ....i cant deal with the pain........i....i ........i cant live with myself anymore

xmisery_demise_guyx: i know i know im stressing out because my little sister's skinny jeans wont fit me anymore this life......never will the sorrow of my black abyss ever leave me

<3darkvampire: this pain from my knife......it takes away all pain

xmisery_demise_guyx: omg i hate it when people dont understand us , like i know it really does take all the pain away. i cant live with out cutting myself
by fuckthealliance June 15, 2009

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