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pittsfield is located in western mass, central area. pittsfeild is known for crack and gang affilated people wandering the streets aka the bloods..anyway besides that part of town pittsfield has very very nice houses and some nice neighbor hooods, basically your either poor or rich..not really an im between, the rich teens in pittsfield are usually crazy, all they do is party, drive in there fucking nice ass cars (d r u n k ), go to school drunkand did i mention H I G H as shittt? and over all there just hooligans, as for the weird kids they sit home and play wolrd of war craft or ufc fighting game, idk. but pittsfeild is a nice place with the most congested dunkin donuts in an area, 150 feet away from where ever you are standing there is most likeley to be a dunkin right there. besides the gangs,crack and crazy teens, over all pittsfeild is boring and usually nothing to do so pittsfieldians usually travel to albany ny which is 1/2 hour away, they do to Sneakys, to get there party on, or they will go to Umass or Springfeild College or Seinna to party with there graduated friends..wow, reallly this is what the pitts are about
pat : yoooo im rich lets smoke an L

mike: nahhh yo i want crack

pat: ighhh i will whip down to the pittsfield real quick
by fuckkkmeharder June 14, 2009

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