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a canon ship in the star wars universe involving rey and kylo ren/ben solo. reylo was brought to life by rian johnson who made these characters fall in love. rey and ben are obviously in love and care so much ab one another but antis(against reylo) think reylo is “abusive” are to close minded to see how much they love eachother
reylo shipper: wow reylo is so beautiful and they are so in love

anti: eww how dare you reylo’s should die how dare you support and abusive relationship and it isn’t even canon!!!

reylo: but what ab the last jedi, and the books, and the director confirming reylo happened in the movie and all the actors and actresses shipping it and anyone with a brain actually realizing they are in love

antis: ahhh a reylo is bullying me help! *begins crying and blocks every reylo*
by friedmozzarella March 5, 2018