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Somebody who posts generally unfunny memes about history to try to be funny, but ending up failing (ESPECIALLY WW2). These can include soldiers fucking walking (which is most common), or even NSFW. Common Personalities include with being a history memer include. (These do not apply to all but most)
-Thinking that they are special or a big shot
-Easy to laugh at
And way way more!
Person 1, 2 and 3 - *chilling*
History Memer - *Posts stupid history meme*
Person 1 - What the fuck
Person 2 - Thats so cringe
Person 3 - get out history memer
History Memer - I don't even know you, now shut the fuck up. (History memer behind the screen is crying)
Person 1: LMAO this man thinks he is special
History Memer - *leaves chat*
Person 1, 2, 3 - LMAOOOOOOOO
by frankish simp October 31, 2021
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