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A town a little east of Sana Cruz CA, home of Scotts Valey High School and Police that don't have anything better to do than chase all the drugged up kids. there has been a lot of racial tension, which is ironic since its pretty much all white, besides some asians and a few mexicans.

Scotts Valley is sterotyped as being upper middle class/ upper class but it pretty much sucks there since there is nothing to do besides go to Santa Cruz, which is why people would rather live in Santa Cruz.

No matter what people from Santa Cruz say "scotts vallians" spend nearly as much time in santa cruz as they do, and have to drive just as far as people living on the outskirts.

There, is a pretty rad skatepark where tony hawk has been, so I guess thats ok. Its one of the biggest in Northern CA

Northern CA, have to drive through it to get to San Jose from Santa Cruz via Hwy 17
Those Scotts Valley Kids think they're so cool with their brand new cars and suck ass high school
by forever831 May 04, 2007

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