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The generation of people born between the early 1980's and the mid 1990's. First-handedly saw the transformation of the world and especially the USA with the explosion of digital technology, the internet, a new worldwide economic "Great Recession", the change of America's position in the world, the infamous "War on Terrorism", and many other world changing events still to come. Generation Y will run the world in about 25 years time, and Is arguably the most intelligent, although maybe not the most driven, generation yet as a product of the economic successes of their parents, the Baby Boomer generation, who also handed numerous other serious problems to their children. Generation Y is also a generation of pioneers. They are shaping and writing the new frontier of human interaction and communication, the internet, for example: Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook, born in 1984. They are the guinea pigs of this profound technology, as no other generation has lived such a large fraction of their lives with this technology. Generation Y can also be identified by cynicism and uncalled for self deploring that is not necessarily their fault, but the faults of older generations who are trying to push them to do better and to succeed in a world with increased competition. For an example of this self hate, see Urban Dictionary's words of the day, many of which contain negative remarks towards Generation Y, even though they are written by the same generation they attack.
-"Urban dictionary, Facebook, and much of the internet as we know it are a product of Generation Y."

-"Be proud, those of you in Generation Y, you have influenced the world like no other generation has at such an early age"
by flyhighj65 February 05, 2011

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