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The most amazing sport to ever be created. Consisting of a team of at least 11 or more determined, in shape, atheltic girls (or guys!) and a pretty brave goalkeeper. The forwards, mid-fielders and sometimes defense sprint up and down the field for an extended amount of time. Often referred to as a "Lesbian sport". HAHAHA no. Why don't you try running up and down a field non-stop for almost an hour? Excatly. Most people can't. Field Hockey is physically demanding and full of skill players devolp over weeks and weeks at a time. Goalies have hard plastic balls flying at them at 60 MPH. Field players are getting whacked by sticks (wood or composite). and are constantly getting knocked over, tripped, and hit. But let me be the first to say, NOTHING is better than hearing the ball whack into the back of the goal. So next time you make fun of Field Hockey, go try it and see how you do.
Marvin: "Hey did you see the field hockey game yesterday?"

Harry: "Yeah I have no clue how those girls run for 50 minutes straight."

Marvin: "Right? It seems pretty hard. I respect th
by fieldhockey9876 July 15, 2012

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