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The type of girl who would stop the rotation of the earth to be there for her friends. She's sweet, amazing, and not to mention, outgoing. A person who is not friends with her might as well kill an elephant and chop off their arms and legs. Varvara is extremely beautiful and very funny. She will make you laugh wnehever, whereever and will never take a serious situation for real. If you're dying on a street, she'll come up and smile. She'll wink and say "I'm being positive, sister" while you're bleeding in the street. It's okay, that's a good thing. Most people call her ViVi, but people that see kindness and sensitivity in her call her their best friend. Bodacious, flirtacious, random chick. THE BESTEST PERSON EVER.
Yeahh. That was Varvara
by ficklerr July 23, 2010
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