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1 definition by fdsfsgfdg

Thought to be a fictional book referenced in H.P. Lovecraft stories. There have been others who say that there is an actual book that was used by people of the Occult to summon zombies and who knows what else.
There is an actual Necronomicon, but it goes by another name.
The actual Necronomicon is a book by the author Stephenie Meyer, called, 'Breaking Dawn'.

This book is so incredibly evil, that those who read it end up emotionally, and even sometimes physically scarred. Some people have even died from its affect.
Person 1: Dude, you hear about that girl, Melissa? She apparently read 'Breaking Dawn' and now she's in lockdown at the local hospital.

Person 2: Who knew that the Necronomicon would turn out to be an actual book?
by fdsfsgfdg May 20, 2009
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