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One who is ridiculously smooth and overly attractive. They are very rare and scarce. They know exactly what to say and one. Always. They reel you in and make you want them because they are so nice and approachable. But do they want you? Probably not. Sly moterfuckers only want comparable sly motherfuckers. Sucks for you. Sly motherfuckers are often mixed race but may come in any colour. ***Note: When two sly motherfuckers procreate, the offspring is often flawlessly attractive and unimaginably smooth. In other words, a dirty sly motherfucker.
1: Jeremy is an example of a mixed race, sly motherfuckerrrr.
2: Kyrstin is a white sly motherfucker.
3: Carter is a DIRTY SLY motherfucker. Damn.
by fckh8 December 04, 2010
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