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A Juan is a guy known everywhere. Theres always a Juan in every town. In the old Greek language Juan means master, chief, king, they always had slaves named carlos and francisco and still to this day some juans have a dog named Francisco and most juans have a nigger friend named Carlos. juans these days are known as playa pimp bosses or pimp boss playas, however you wanna call it maybe BOSS HOGG. they also hate pheonix arisona cuz its a peice a shit. A juan is also a guy that every girl wants to have for many perticular reasons but girls are just gonna have to find out.
Wow! you were such a "Juan" last night Carlos.

That guy from last night was great in bed, i think his name was "Juan".

Carlos I fuckin hate you! You should be more like "Juan".

Does that guy have a slave named carlos? wow he must b a Juan.
by fck PHX May 09, 2010
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