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a hypocrit by all means. one who accuses "preps" of being clones and shopping at stores like abercrombie and fitch when, in reality, they themselves are clones, all shopping at the salvation army and hot topic..all wearing the same "nice people suck" and
random death certificate t-shirts. They swear upon originality and they swear upon individuality and uniqueness when they are so lacking in all these areas. these hypocrites judge others when they ask to not be judged themselves.
Origination of the anti-prep: usually start to evolve into the anti prep in grade school when it becomes apparant that they are lacking in any kind of skill, motivation, good looks etc...
The anti-preps usually cannot find friends with the more athletic, good looking, intelligent, skillful people so out of jealousy they recruit others of the same unfortunate fate.
synonyms: freaks,wannabe marilyn manson, hicks,wiggers,geeks,not cools,scrubs

Because Darien was still dressed by his mother and because Darien did not excell at anything, he declared himself anti-prep. Too bad Darien couldnt fit in with anyone else. aww poor darien. now instead of wearing gap clothing he'll wear all his clothes from an unorigional black t-shirt clothing store.
by famously kondrk July 08, 2003
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