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1. Significant other's mom who ruins a relationship becasue she's too damn selfish to notice any other priority but her own

2. Doesn't allow son/daughter to take dates with anyone else but her

3. If dates are somehow managed, she'll singlehandedly work to destroy them by allowing siblings to come with or stealing her child's car and money

4. Her tasks and schedule are most important over all else going on in her family's and the gf/bf family's life.

5. mom's that become WreckerMommas are usually really disatisified with their lives and try to inconvience others as a source of satisfaction

6. WreckerMomma's as paresnts usually result in mommy's boys or resentful deviants
gf: "whaen are you picking me up for dinner?"
bf: "idk, my WreckerMomma went to cash my check and she never came home"
by faceplant2092 November 18, 2009

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