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1. One who does not understand how to deal with the public.

2. One who speaks in compassionate terms until crushing people's hopes.

3. One who drinks substantial amounts of a beverage bearing the same name.

4. One who never gives direct answers to any specific questions.


1. To string people along and then crush their spirits.

2. To evade and obfuscate.

3. To use bad humor in inappropriate contexts.

4. To lie.
--The mayor can't say when road construction is going to finish, and he won't tell us how much it costs. What a Labatt.

--Your girlfriend left you right after you proposed? Obviously, she was pulling a Labatt on you.

--Hey, you sure you didn't take my wallet? You're not Labatting with me, are you?

--The general Labatted the enemy to great effect during the war.
by ezsucks July 08, 2005
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